"Monkeys are the idea that all Bloons games stand on. Without them, Bloons games wouldn't exist. These monkeys are not just normal monkeys... " - A BTD fan.

About MonkeysEdit

Monkeys are one of your allies to defeat the bloons. Many of the towers in the Bloons Tower Defence series are monkeys. Here is a list of towers that are or are controled by monkeys:

  • Dart Monkey (Dart Tower)
  • Super Monkey
  • Boomerang Thrower (Boomerang)
  • Super Monkey Storm
  • Mortar Tower
  • Glue Gunner
  • Monkey Ace
  • Monkey Buccaneer
  • Monkey Apprentice
  • Dartling Gun
  • Ice Tower
  • Sniper Monkey
  • Ninja Monkey