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Bored of always losing in those late rounds. Just can't understand something? BTD wiki's point is to give you all kind of information to all players of Bloons Tower Defence (BTD). We have strategies for all tracks and how to use towers effectively etc. All needed information is found in this friendly wiki that everybody can edit.

About Bloons Tower DefenceEdit

BTD is developed by Ninja Kiwi along with many other bloons games. There are 5 games in the series with the tower number ranging from small 5 to a staggering 17 + 2. In the latest version of BTD (5) there is now a total of 136 upgrades! That's a total of 8 upgrades per tower. (road spikes and pineapples don't have upgrades)

Fun FactsEdit

Did you know that...

A Lead Bloon can be destroyed with spikes?

All rounds in BTD5 after 85 are random?

There is a new item in the game called secret agents which are one-shot items that can only be deployed once per round and which can be purchased with monkey money.

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The Secret Agent menu.

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